We have started exporting used pianos since 1984, and have exported to over 20 countries in the past. We have highly skilled staff for painting, polishing, repairing action parts, and loading pianos into the container.
 Our pianos go through the complete restoration process as below:
1. Overall cleaning (outside & inside)
2. Scrape off the rust from the metal parts (pedal, hinge, name plate, etc.)
3. Renew the worn down flange cords, bridle straps, and weak sound muffler
4. Replace yellowish front keys with white keys


Number of Maximum Loading

In case of mixing Grand Pianos, the loading number will change. Please contact us for further information.

20 Feet Container
 : Upright Piano ・15 units
 (3 pianos are loaded on the second level)

40 Feet Container
 : Upright Piano  35 units
 (9 pianos are loaded on the second level)