Demo-performance for different models from Old to New are available below.

Track Order for Each Model

We have chosen widely-known music of different genre for each model, keeping the track time very short so that you can experience the difference of their sounds and rhythms both within the same model, as well as among different models. Please enjoy!!

>Stagea ELS-01X
1, Star Wars
2, Thriller
3, Beauty and the Beast
4, Sing Sing Sing
5, Joyful Joyful
6, Farandole
1, Autumn Leaves
2, Baby Elephant Walk
3, La Cumparsita
4, Amazing Grace
5, When You Wish Upon A Star

1, La Campanella
2, Exhibition of Pictures
3, Tequila
4, Auralee
5, El Condor Pasa
6, Under the Double Eagle
1, Under the Sea
2, Amazing Grace
3, When You Wish Upon A Star
4, Tico Tico
5, Serenade for Strings